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Faster broadband is also cheaper, says SimplySwitch

09 February 2007
Broadband customers on average now receive seven times better ‘value for money’ than they were getting 18 months ago, price comparison site has calculated.

The lower price of broadband, with an average cost of £21 per month, complements connections up to four times faster than those available in summer 2005.

“Thousands of people who have been on the same deal for a year or more could switch to a much faster connection and save money in the process,” claims SimplySwitch chief executive Karen Darby.

The rapidly developing market means that “if broadband continues developing at its current rate, 32Mb could be the norm in 18 months time,” Ms Darby emphasised.

She added that market mobility furnishes a strong case for rolling contracts which would make switching easier for customers.

Last month, SimplySwitch claimed that broadband was not only 143 times faster than a dial-up connection but was also “almost certainly” cheaper, as well as being accessible across 99.8 per cent of households in the UK, with only very isolated areas excluded by location.

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