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Four in five mobile networks face virus risk

14 February 2007
Viruses have affected 83 per cent of mobile operators around the world as consumers increasingly use their handsets to browse the web or check emails, new research from security software firm McAfee has found.

The 200 mobile operators, polled by Informa researchers, around the world disclosed that viral attacks on mobiles have risen fivefold since 2003.

Some viruses cause customers’ phone bills to escalate sharply by sending unwanted text messages or making unprompted calls.

“Mobile operators are already feeling the impact of mobile threats on customer satisfaction and network performance,” a McAfee statement warned.

The incidences of attacks on mobile security could have “impact on their brand and the success of new revenue-generating services”, the security firm added.

Now that over 350 global viruses have been recorded, networks are getting serious about tackling the “malware” challenge by investing more money and time, Victor Kouznetsov, senior vice president of McAfee Mobile Security stressed.

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