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Gas and electricity postcode lottery – Some areas of the UK pay 28% more than others!

30 September 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
• Yorkshire and Humberside pays 28% more than the South East

• The average bill paying couple now spends £1,248 a year on gas and electricity!

Following the news of price hikes from the ‘Big Six’ UK energy companies, has found that gas and electricity costs really are a postcode lottery.

The average annual household energy bill for customers of EDF Energy now stands at £1,190 according to, following EDF’s hikes of 17% for gas and 22% for electricity earlier this year.

However, research has found that the amount spent on gas and electricity depends on an individual’s postcode. In a survey of more than 2,000 people, found that there is a gap of 28% between the highest and lowest monthly spend on gas and electricity.

The survey found that the cheapest fuel bills are in the South East at an average of £46 per person, while the most expensive are to be found in Yorkshire and Humberside, where the average monthly spend is £59, 28% higher than in the South East.

The research also found that the average national monthly spend on gas and electricity is £52. However, this is for an individual, so if multiplied by two to make an average adult household of bill payers this comes to £104 a month, an annual total of £1,248 which is actually £58 more than the average annual EDF Energy bill given by The

Commenting on the statistics, spokesperson John Corboy said: “It is surprising that the regional difference in gas and electricity prices is as high as 28 per cent, despite the fact that most energy companies use regional pricing methods. It seems unfair that the same product should cost more or less depending on your postcode, especially when prices are already shooting up.

“Energy efficiency is becoming a priority as bills increase and more Brits slip over the fuel poverty boundary. Simple steps like switching off lights or turning the thermostat down can make a difference and are worth doing. However, it is also worth shopping around and switching gas and electricity provider if you think your costs are too high.

“The energy comparison service takes regional energy pricing into account and only gets quotes for your specific postcode, meaning you know exactly where you stand when comparing gas and electricity quotes,” Mr Corboy added.

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