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Green energy meters trial begins to help cut electricity and gas bills

13 July 2007
A new £20 million trial of ‘green’ energy meters has begun in the UK as part of proposals to help reduce the country’s emissions of greenhouse gases.

In a move to help change consumer habits when it comes to their electricity and gas bills, the government and the energy supply industry have installed ‘smart meters’ in 15,000 homes across the country to track energy use.

A further 8,000 homes will be given stand-alone displays, which will allow homeowners to see exactly how much electricity they are using and how much it is costing, while 17,000 homes are set to get advice on how to economise their energy use.

John Hutton, the business and enterprise secretary, said: “Changing consumer habits is vital if we are to cut our energy use and reduce the impact of climate change.

“The results of the trials will provide invaluable evidence to support the future roll-out of displays and smart meters; helping to cut consumer bills and cut our carbon emissions.”

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