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Hey big spenders! Men spend 29% more than women on non-essentials each month

23 September 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
• Men are more prone to spending than women, has found, spending on average 29 per cent more than women on non essentials and luxuries

• Women spend 12 per cent more than men on their rent/mortgage each month

• Men spend 35 per cent more money than women on entertainment each month!

Despite common stereotypes of women as shopaholics, has found that men are actually spending more money than women when it comes to entertainment, clothes and luxuries, despite the current financial climate.

In a survey conducted exclusively for by OnePoll, it has become clear that men are bigger spenders than women when it comes to goodies, spending on average almost a third more than women, with an average spend of £160 a month compared to women’s average luxury monthly spend of £124.

In another shocking turn of events the survey also revealed that women are spending more when it comes to keeping up appearances around the house. On average, women spend £680 per month on house and home compared to men’s £640, despite the fact that, on average, men are still earning more!

One area of spending that suggests how financially independent women are today is the rent or mortgage; women spend on average 12 per cent more than men on their rent or mortgage each month – £404 compared to men’s £362 – a good indication that the days of women staying at home without a career are long gone.

The way to a man’s heart is apparently through his stomach, and unsurprisingly, men spend more on food each month with £231 compared to women’s average monthly spend of £222.

And, when it comes to entertainment, men are either footing the bill or heading out more than women, as the survey revealed men spend an average 35 per cent more than women on trips to the cinema and eating out. Men are also overtaking women when it comes to splashing out on luxuries, spending 41 per cent more.

Another area where men are the unlikely big spenders is clothes shopping; women are renowned for their spending on fashion, yet men spend an average 12 per cent more on clothing each month than women.

Commenting on the results, spokesperson Daniela Gieseler said: “It has come as a surprise that women are spending significantly less than men on areas like entertainment and clothes. It is commonly thought that women spend more on fashion and lunches than men, but these results put the footballers’ wives stereotype to bed.

“It is also good to see that women are taking the reins when it comes to spending in the home. However, we would like to remind both men and women that shopping around can save you money on household bills like broadband and insurance – our various comparison services make shopping around relatively hassle free.”

Written by Editorial Team