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Home insulation ‘helps reduce rising energy bills’

14 January 2008 / by None
The National Insulation Association has announced that home insulation will help to reduce the impact of rising energy bills, while also being environmentally friendly.

With energy prices set to increase significantly, it is now “more cost effective than ever” to insulate your home, according to National Insulation Association chief executive Neil Marshall.

He said that the press often fails to emphasise the importance of such measures over methods such as turning the thermostat down and limiting water use.

He noted: “Behavioural measures tend to last for a short amount of time – until they are forgotten with the next news story – but practical measures, like insulation, once installed last forever.”

The Energy Saving Trust reports that homeowners who install the recommended 270mm depth of loft insulation could save up to £110 in annual bills

This news comes in the wake of last week’s announcement that Npower is set to increase both gas and electricity prices.

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