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Internet will have even more to offer when the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 team up

29 November 2007
Viewers will be able to catch up on all their favourite television programmes as a result of a new combined online service from the BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4, who will act as equal partners. More than 10,000 hours of current and archived programmes will be available online for people to watch at their leisure.

Some of these programmes will be available free of charge as part of the service – Project Kangaroo – while others will be sold or rented out. The project is expected to launch in 2008 and is also likely to be available on television sets in the future, subject to approval.

And, despite a new report from suggesting that four million people in the UK are unhappy with their broadband speed, internet services appear to be becoming more varied and widely used each month. Reports indicate that Google is set to introduce a new data storage facility which will allow web users to store digital files including pictures and video clips. People will also be able to access files through any web browser.

Furthermore, distance learning courses are growing in popularity and a large proportion of learning for many of these is web-based. According to The Times, UK Master of Business Administration (MBA) distance learning courses attract 25,000 students at any one time, and these courses are often internet-based.

According to, 15 million households now have broadband, and with the number of services constantly increasing, this number is set to continue its steady upward growth trend.

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