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Landlines in decline

06 December 2007
The growing popularity of mobile phones will lead to landlines only being used for broadband in the future, an expert says.

Principle analyst at consultancy firm Analysys Rupert Wood said that while some landline users would utilise voice over internet protocol (VoIP) communications via landlines, mobiles would remain a preference for voice calls.

However, as there is no “good” mobile equivalent to fixed broadband this meant landlines would stay in the majority of homes, he suggested.

Figures from the European commission show that 13 per cent of UK households have a mobile but no landline, which is below the European Union average.

Mr Wood said: “If you look at the young people who haven’t got a landline at the moment … they’ll just get a landline when they settle down a bit.

“They might not use it for voice, but they’ll use it for broadband.”

He also said that mobile usage would not increase significantly and landlines were still attractive to some people.

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