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Londoners loath to switch energy supplier

02 July 2007
Londoners are among the regional inhabitants least likely to take action to cut their energy bills, new research has revealed.

Just 42 per cent of Londoners have switched energy supplier compared to 58 per cent of people in Aberdeen, which was identified by as the UK’s switching hotspot.

In all, 13 million UK households have switched energy suppliers so far, and many of those have made the move than once, with Brighton dwellers switching no less than 2.38 times per household in the last decade.

The UK’s nine million switching ‘virgins’ could save themselves around £206 per household by changing provider, the study claimed.

Households in Newcastle and Leeds stand to save the most by changing provider, the research found, with savings of around £230 available to those taking the plunge.

What is more, “energy deals and customer service levels change so you can’t afford to let the grass grow under your feet,”’s consumer policy director Ann Robinson told customers who had switched previously.

Meanwhile, energy sector regulator Ofgem this week warned that pre-payment customers could save themselves hundreds of pounds by switching onto a direct debit plan for their utility bills.

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