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Madasafish thrives as a small fish

21 March 2007
Small internet service provider (ISP) Madasafish, one of the UK’s four favourite broadband providers according to a recent customer survey, has gained 30 per cent more new custom since February 14th.

The survey rated Madasafish and other small names including Be Broadband, well ahead of high-profile competitors Sky Broadband and TalkTalk on indicators including customer service and reliability.

Coupled with the growing ease of switching after the introduction of Migration Authorisation Codes (MACs) on Valentine’s Day, increased publicity has boosted Madasafish’s popularity.

“It’s becoming clear under the new rules that ISPs which consistently ignore satisfaction levels and provide poor customer service are now being punished as consumers vote with their mouse – so to speak – and switch to better performing providers,” commented Matthew Henton, Madasafish’s head of marketing.

“We applaud Ofcom’s decision to enforce the MAC scheme as it gives broadband users the ability to change providers easily,” he added.

Meanwhile, the pressure new providers committed to customer service are placing on established brands is driving up customer service standards, according to, which noted a two percentage point increase in customer service ratings across the sector over the last 12 months.

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