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Mobile roaming cap may not profit summer travellers

02 July 2007
The pricing cap on mobile phone roaming charges recently voted in by the European Parliament will not come into force until July 30th, leaving many phone customers paying higher tariffs throughout the summer, has warned.

Six million Britons are set to voyage to the continent and the US over the summer months, the finance advice site estimates.

In some instances, the cap of 33 pence per minute for making calls to the UK from another state in the EU will not come into effect until September 30th.

Pay-as-you-go customers will suffer more than their counterparts on contract deals, facing charges for using their phone in Europe of up to £1 per minute, found, although T-Mobile customers on either type of deal do enjoy cheaper rates of 55 pence per minute in Europe.

Until the caps come into force, a local or global SIM card may be your best bet for minimizing phone charges, advised Rob Barnes, the advice site’s head of mobiles.

Alternatively, holidaymakers could sign up to their network’s ‘roaming bundles’, under which the mobile providers have deals with other countries’ networks which slash costs for UK customers, he added.

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