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NCC: Energy bill must cater for vulnerable

10 January 2008 / by None
The National Consumer Council (NCC) and National Energy Action (NEA) have called for evenly-applied low-cost tariffs to be made available to vulnerable households.

They are calling for this week’s energy bill to cater for customers such as low-income families and the elderly, arguing that current initiatives are “inadequate”.

According to the NEA, the number of people who are unable to heat their homes this winter will be more than four million.

NCC acting chief executive Phillip Cullum added: “There needs to be a more consistent and effective set of social tariffs, making sure that vulnerable people are shielded from the worst effects of rising energy prices. Energy companies should take responsibility for this.”

This comes in the wake of accusations by energywatch, the gas and electricity watchdog, that customers are set to pay higher gas bills despite there being no shortage of supply.

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