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O2 pledge ‘clarity’ over broadband speeds

14 February 2008 / by None
Broadband provider O2 has emphasised the importance of clarity when it comes to the broadband speeds available to its customers.

Their commitment to service has seen the company nominated among the top five broadband providers in the UK since launching its service last October, according to Eptiro’s ADSL Internet Performance Indicator Report.

O2 has noted that, while many subscribers focus on the price of the service, an increasing number of them are making their selection based on download speeds, which are often judged by “crude online speed tests”.

Commenting on the issue, Gavin Johns, Epitiro’s managing director, said: “Both approaches could lead to disappointment. It’s important to remember that download speed is just one indicator of broadband performance.”

He added that other factors such as quality and reliability of the connection are of equal importance when it comes to choosing an internet provider.

In related news, Telecom New Zealand recently announced they are to use Eptiro to measure its broadband services.

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