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One-hour blackout could save millions on electricity bills

21 June 2007
Consumers’ electricity bills could tumble after trialling ‘time off’ on lighting their homes, has found ahead of a one-hour blackout in London on the evening of June 21st.

If every Londoner turned off their lights for one hour, they could save £1.15 per household, or £90,000, has estimated.

And making this a regular habit of switching off appliances could help slim down bills and lessen your environmental impact, say the organisers of the London Lights Out event.

“Small energy saving measures, such as switching off electrical appliances and lights that aren’t being used can save you a lot on energy consumption and money off your bills,” commented Paul Schofield,’s head of utilities.

But from the consumer’s point of view, the money saved by switching off your electricity would be “fruitless financially if we were languishing on an expensive electricity tariff”, pointed out Paul Schofield.

Shopping around for a competitive electricity provider is critical, he stressed.

Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, and Canary Wharf are among the London landmarks preparing to “go dark” for one hour from 2100 GMT on June 21st.

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