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Parents urged to consider mobile risks

12 November 2007
Tech-savvy children are being given too much mobile freedom, a survey by suggests.

Some 68 per cent of parents do not restrict mobile downloads from the internet, while only 36 per cent actively prevented their children from connecting via their phone.

More than half (52 per cent) of three to 15 year olds were found to be regularly using a mobile phone, with a quarter of three to six-year-olds and 94 per cent of all 13 to 15-year-olds using one.

Head of mobiles and broadband Rob Barnes said: “Buying a mobile phone for your child can provide peace of mind, as it makes them easily contactable.

“I believe there has not yet been enough development in the market to offer sufficient protection.”

He advised parents to use filters to prevent children accessing specific internet sites via their mobile and moderating the use of chat rooms themselves.

Recently the company criticised mobile service providers for making it difficult to claim cash back.

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