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Point Topic finds customers seek broadband switch

01 March 2007
Broadband customers are readier than ever to switch provider, research firm Point Topic has revealed.

Its study showed that the proportion of customers either ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ satisfied with their provider plummeted from an impressive 92 per cent one year ago to 77 per cent at the start of 2007.

Meanwhile, the number of customers describing themselves as very or fairly dissatisfied with their provider’s performance has doubled to nine per cent.

The figures show that broadband customers are demanding more of their providers as a greater diversity of players enter the market.

“Consumers, as they spend longer as broadband customers, are likely to become less tolerant of problems,” the report notes.

Newcomers to the market including Sky and TalkTalk received the poorest customer ratings, with almost 17 per cent of TalkTalk customers describing themselves as dissatisfied, alongside 14 per of Sky broadband customers.

Meanwhile, the report shows that BT’s market dominance is diminishing, although it continues to command 21 per cent of custom. NTL’s 24 per cent makes it the biggest single broadband provider.

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