Cut Your Bills News Save Money By Separating Energy Providers Says 351

Save money by separating energy providers, says

22 August 2007
It is cheaper to get gas and electricity from separate companies, rather than dual fuel deals despite general opinion to the contrary, new research from has revealed.

Paul Schofield, head of utilities at has said that getting a better deal with dual fuel is a common misconception that no longer holds true unless you live in South Wales, and that due to changing prices in the competitive energy market, there is as much as £314 million to be saved by using separate suppliers instead.

“This shows how important it is to shop around for the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs available for your region and usage.” Mr. Schofield continued. “Swapping utility tariffs is a simple click away these days. Consumers should not hold back on swapping or be afraid of having separate providers.”

Gas and electricity used to be cheaper as a combined package, but this is no longer the case, so is encouraging consumers to shop around and compare prices singularly, switching to the cheapest providers, even if it means having separate ones, to ensure they are saving as much as possible.

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