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TalkTalk help for movers welcomed

19 November 2007
Following a report revealing that people moving home are often forced to pay to reconnect a phone line at their new property, TalkTalk has announced it is to review its existing process affecting relocating homeowners.

The company stated that it would look to abolish the requirement for customers to get in touch with BT Retail when they move properties, which can cost people up to £195 to stay with their telecoms provider, according to

Welcoming the move, Steve Weller, head of communications services at, said that the firm was “delighted” that TalkTalk had recognised that a problem exists.

“As the situation currently stands, the customers of certain companies, like TalkTalk and Tiscali, have no option but to lock themselves into a 12 month contract with BT Retail when they move, simply to get a phone line,” he claimed.

The company is therefore calling on the industry to follow TalkTalk’s lead and reduce the cost to telecoms customers when they move house, he added.

In an earlier report, said that consumers are likely to pay a total of £44 million this year to reconnect their phone lines in their new houses, compared with £14 million in 2006.

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