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thinkbroadband: Landlines are cheaper, but WiMax will co-exist

18 January 2008 / by None
Although more expensive, broadband technology WiMax is set to function alongside other internet access systems, according to the editor of states the technology allows people to connect to broadband internet services over a range of up to three miles and can be utilised by devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

Although landline options will continue to be cheaper and could offer savings, editor Andrew Ferguson states WiMax provides a range of advantages over traditional connection techniques.

Mr Ferguson explains: “In terms of access for home broadband, it is not tied to a physical landline, so people who move frequently can avoid lengthy contracts on a land line they don’t want or use.”

However, the editor adds that consumers wishing to benefit from WiMax services may encounter limited availability.

He also states that traditional copper wire connections “manage for 90 per cent of the population” and allows them to do “pretty much everything [they] want to do to … in a reasonable time frame”.

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