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Toucan hurries to erase ‘unlimited’ claim

16 March 2007
Toucan, a subsidiary of Pipex, has been the first broadband internet service provider to respond to pressures from switching company and amend its claim to offer customers ‘unlimited’ broadband.

The firm removed the word ‘unlimited’ from its website description of its customer offer just hours after the switching company revealed that Pipex, along with all the UK’s other major internet service providers, limited customers’ usage under certain conditions detailed in the small print of their Fair Usage Policy.

Over nine million customers are at risk of having their access limited at peak times or cut off altogether if they use their connection to download large files such as TV shows or DVDs, uSwitch warned.

“We are impressed to see Toucan taking such immediate action,” Steve Weller, head of communications services at, remarked.

But all advertising should be regulated and standardised to remove the term ‘unlimited’ if limits are imposed, uSwitch insists.

The communications industry regulator, Ofcom, has not yet commented.

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