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UK’s wind energy could power more than 1.5 million homes

24 October 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
The UK has officially overtaken Denmark to become the world’s leader in offshore wind power according to the newly formed Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The figures from the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) revealed that the UK now gets more than three gigawatts of its electricity from wind power both on and offshore, enough to power around 1.7 million UK homes.

The news follows the recent announcement from DECC Secretary Ed Miliband that the UK is committed to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% since 1990 by the deadline of 2050.

Commenting on the UK’s wind success Minister of State at the DECC Mike O’Brien, said: “Offshore wind is hugely important to help realise the Government’s ambition to dramatically increase the amount of energy from renewable sources. Overtaking Denmark is just the start.”

According to Mr O’Brien, “There are already five more offshore wind farms under construction that will add a further 938 megawatts to our total by the end of next year.”

And, the future looks bright for wind power and the millions of Brits who will struggle to pay their fuel bills this winter, as Mr O’Brien added: “We are also assessing plans to increase the total by a massive 25 gigawatts in the future. That’s enough electricity for every home in the country.”

Written by Editorial Team