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VCRs to go out of date as digital takes over

18 June 2007
British households must ready themselves for the countrywide digital switchover, has urged, as the first regional transfer from an analogue signal approaches.

Many Britons remain under-prepared, it found, with 46 per cent of people unaware that their VCR will not work in the same way after the switchover to digital TV begins this autumn.

Old-style VCRs will no longer work, since it is not possible to record one channel while watching another on digital, pointed out, which makes it essential to switch to a digital video recorder.

Consumers face potentially significant losses as their hardware is discarded, the switching site estimates, with five million TV sets unable to adapt to receive a digital signal.

And people must act soon to prepare for the new service, with 42 per cent of TV sets still receiving analogue only TV.

“On the plus side … 90 per cent of people are watching programmes on a digital signal on at least one TV set in their home,” remarked Steve Weller, head of communication services.

Media regulator Ofcom has warned, meanwhile, that older, disabled and low income people could be most at risk of being left behind as the digital switchover comes in.

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