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Vodafone cuts Europe roaming rates

16 March 2007
Vodafone has vowed to introduce new reduced-rate tariffs for customers calling abroad as the European Commission prepares to cut continental roaming charges.

In a pre-emptive move, the provider announced it would forge agreements with overseas operators allowing it to bring customers “significantly lower” roaming rates from July.

Customers with laptop data cards will also see the cost of usage cut, the provider promised.

The telecoms ministers of European countries are expected to meet at the end of the week to agree new legislation to cut costs made on mobile phones abroad by up to 70 per cent.

Capped costs being eyed by the European Commission include 11p per minute for receiving calls and 34p a minute for outgoing calls to the UK.

If implemented, these changes would come into effect in June.

But British ministers are uneasy about the idea of supposedly inflexible capped costs, the Financial Times has reported, advocating instead an “opt-in” regime in which the cap is set only if customers request it.

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