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Water prices soar 7% for April Fools

29 March 2007
Water users are the losers in the pricing of utilities, uSwitch has warned as water companies prepare to introduce hiked costs across the country from April 1st.

The seven per cent increase in national water prices, set by industry regulator Ofwat earlier this year, is set to add £20 to the average annual bill, the switching company warned.

While only one company, Tendring Hundred, plans to cut its water prices, the 23 others occupying the UK market will hike charges this weekend, with South West Water asking customers to pay over ten per cent more.

Moreover, customers may be right to rail against price rises given the water wastage perpetrated by providers, uSwitch’s director of consumer policy, Ann Robinson, said.

Water companies are losing 3.58 billion litres of water a day through leaking pipes and aging infrastructure, she estimated.

Nevertheless, a solution may be at hand, uSwitch suggested – a water meter can save customers £125 a year.

Although only three in ten people use a meter at present, customers able to control household water usage could stand to profit from switching to meter payment, uSwitch believes.

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