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Will Top Gear remain most watched on revamped BBC iPlayer?

26 June 2008 / by Joy Tibbs
The success of the BBC iPlayer has led to an upgrade, the iPlayer 2.0, launching today. As the demand for catch-up television services increases, the BBC is looking for new ways to attract and keep viewers.

The new version of the BBC iPlayer will run alongside the original version, which is to be phased out over the next few months. The upgraded tool will offer better picture quality and will enable users to create personalised channels. It will also include fully integrated radio for the first time.

According to head of digital media technology at the BBC, Anthony Rose, the new iPlayer will be able to offer viewers recommendations based on the programmes they have previously watched. And it will give users the option to view the remainder of a programme if they have not watched the entire piece in one sitting.

Director of vision at the BBC, Jana Bennett, explained that giving consumers the choice of watching their favourite shows while streaming, or by downloading programmes for future viewing has been a big hit and boosted ratings for less mainstream shows, for example Gavin and Stacey and The Mighty Boosh.

The top five shows viewed on the iPlayer yesterday were Top Gear (first episode), Eastenders (from Tuesday), Snog Marry Avoid?, Eastenders (from Monday) and Doctor Who, Turn Left.

The iPlayer allows users to watch content from the previous seven days using streaming, or to download these programmes and store them for 30 days on a PC. Depending on the type of broadband connection users have, downloads generally take approximately the same length of time as the programme running time.

Broadband speeds tend to fall between 512Kbps and 8Mbps, which can affect download speeds, and those looking to use the iPlayer on a regular basis may need to think about reviewing their existing broadband deals.

Those that have an Apple iPhone or iPod touch can stream programmes, although they are currently unable to download content. Alternatively, a recent change to the iPlayer service means that customers can now hook their computer up to a television service to use the tool.

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