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WiMax ‘another option, not a replacement’

17 January 2008 / by None
WiMax is more likely to represent another option, rather than the future of broadband, one expert believes.

Andrew Ferguson, editor of, said: “I suspect it [WiMax] will co-exist rather than dominate. Landline access still tends to be cheaper and more reliable.”

Mr Ferguson said that WiMax was currently being trailed in the UK and, if this proved successful, it may become wider spread.

However, he said the fact that laptops and other devices didn’t have WiMax built into them as standard was “probably holding things back”.

Mr Ferguson added that with other high-speed options available, such as Virgin Media’s cable and the potential of a 50Mbps connection in 2008 it would be ‘hard’ for any new technology to break in to the market.

WiMax is based on the same technology as wireless broadband.

However, unlike WiFi, WiMax has a range of around three miles.

WiFi is limited to a range of about 100 feet.

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