Dental & Medical Insurance

Dental & Medical Insurance

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Dental and Medical insurance plans

It is possible to purchase dental and medical insurance as two separate policies, however this method of covering yourself in case of medical illness may be more expensive and it is worth conducting research into the various companies that offer combined medical insurance quotes.

Some companies may well offer a flexible combined policy to cover both your medical and dental needs. However, this is not advisable if you have long term health problems or believe you may be susceptible to a critical illness, as you will be termed as ‘high risk’ by most companies. If this is the case a combined policy may limit you on the amount you can claim, meaning combined dental and medical insurance is a better option.

The product comparison table below has some of the biggest providers of health insurance in the UK. To begin getting medical insurance quotes from them, just click on the links below.

Dental Insurance
There are different types of dental insurance plans and some of these are:

  • Dental maintenance plans
  • Dental care insurance plans
  • Dental care insurance plans for children
  • Dental implant cover
  • Tooth whitening cover
  • Dental cover for corporations and employees within that organisation

You should consider purchasing dental insurance if you believe you are particularly vulnerable to dental problems or have experienced problems in the past. If you have a family history of dental problems you may wish to consider purchasing a policy that will take this into consideration when providing an insurance quote.

Medical Insurance

There are various medical insurance plans, such as:

  • Medical insurance for the individual
  • Medical insurance for self employed people
  • Medical insurance for businesses

In addition to the above medical insurance plans, it is usually the case that an insurance provider will take the personal circumstances of an individual into the equation when providing a medical insurance quote. Most insurance plans are flexible and may offer a different policy according to the individual’s changing circumstances.