Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular alternative to false teeth for replacing those that are missing. They are rooted to the jawbone, much like natural teeth, so they are more secure and do not move around as much as traditional false teeth. Features of dental implants include: 
  • They can sometimes be covered in a dental health insurance plan or otherwise have to be paid for separately
  • They are not always considered a necessity treatment, but a cosmetic one, making it less likely to be included
  • Dental health insurance can be included in a health insurance plan, but more commonly it comes as a separate policy or as an optional extra

If you envision getting dental implants, try shopping around for an insurer that provides them as part of your dental insurance plan. Compare quotes and find the best deal for you. For more information on the various dental health insurance plans available and to get quotes, click on the links below: