DR10 Car Insurance

Car Insurance for Previous Drink Driving Offences

In the United Kingdom driving while under the influence of alcohol is an illegal offence and getting caught doing so by the police can have serious and wide ranging consequences on a person’s life.  A DR10 is an endorsement issued to those caught attempting to drive while drunk by the police and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Being issued with a DR10 means car insurance will become a substantially more expensive proposition in the long term.

In the short term, however, there will most likely be a year’s ban from driving and maybe even a Community Order or prison sentence. It is perhaps not surprising that many insurance companies are likely to be unwilling or reluctant to give quotes for car insurance to individuals with previous convictions.  While there will be some providers who will willing to offer car insurance to those with a DR10, it is likely that they be charged higher premiums.

See below for providers who offer quotes for drivers with DR10 endorsements.

Car Insurance - With Points and Previous Convictions
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One way in which insurance companies can be reassured is through the DR10 holder successfully completing the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course. The effects of completing this course can be a lowering of car insurance premiums and even a decrease in the length of a driving ban.

As well as completing the course there are other general ways that those with a DR10’s car insurance premiums can be lowered:

  • Buying insurance online can often lead to bigger first year discounts which can reduce the burden of higher premiums
  • Voluntarily raise your excess
  • Try to drive less
  • Increase the security of your car

Although these measures will not reduce the impact of a DR10, the car insurance quotes offered should still be lower than they would be.