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If you are searching for comprehensive landlord insurance, Endsleigh insurers offer a range of different policies and features that can be tailored to suit any property owner’s needs.

It is a fact that many property owners do not realise that a standard home insurance policy will not provide sufficient financial protection for landlords.

Endsleigh is dedicated to providing specialist landlord insurance for property owners who need comprehensive financial cover. Endsleigh has a great deal of experience in the industry.

As an insurer who specialises in this area, Endsleigh include the following features as part of their standard landlord insurance agreements:

  • Malicious damage caused by tenants is covered as standard by up to £25,000
  • Unlike many other insurers, cover for fixtures and fittings is provided automatically at no extra charge
  • Should the property suffer extensive damage or neglect, tenants will be provided with alternative accommodation, and the landlord will be compensated with up to 30% of the sum insured
  • Cover for accident damage to pipes, cables and glass will also be included as standard with most policies, which can also be upgraded to full accidental damage cover if required

Optional extras include:

  • Endsleigh landlord insurance also offers extensive contents cover from up to £60,000
  • Home emergency cover for 24-hour protection against emergencies with no excess to pay for making a claim
  • Legal cover to 24-hour access to legal advice

There is a diverse range of products available for landlord insurance, so shopping around before taking out a policy is wise to try and find the one that suits your needs most. You should consider what particular features are important to you to find a level of cover that you feel pleased with.

Types of landlord insurance include:

  • Landlord Building Insurance – the minimum level of landlord insurance usually provides structural cover and rebuild costs.
  • Landlord contents insurance – If your property is furnished, this will provide any cover to the furniture you provided, but not any items provided by the tenants.
  • Landlord Liability Insurance – This cover can assist you with legal costs if a tenant enters into litigation with you.
  • Loss of Rent cover – if an accident occurs, you cannot rent out a property for a period of time. This insurance could cover you for the loss of rent.
  • Landlord Emergency cover – in an emergency like a gas leak, this cover can help you get a qualified tradesperson to secure the building.
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