Equipower and Equigas together form part of EBICo, the fair trade energy providers established in 1998. Equipower is a non profit making company, limited by Guarantee.

Equipower uses Scottish and Southern Energy as its supplier and claims to have the only tariffs in the UK that offer a fair price to all energy consumers, because they offer the same unit rate however much you use and by whichever method of payment you use to pay for your power. There are three Equipower tariffs to choose from:

  • EQUIGAS: “A fair price for gas for all”
  • EQUIPOWER: “A fair price for electricity for all”
  • EQUICLIMATE: “Fair prices and fair on the environment”

To compare Equipower tariffs with other energy suppliers in your area, use our FREE online comparison tool which allows you to see the best rates, the greenest energy providers. Our five star rating system lets your quickly see the best deals. Just fill in with your postcode and follow the on screen prompts.