Esure car insurance issues flood warning to motorists

24 November 2009 / by Andy Davies

Esure car insurance is urging motorists not to put their car at risk in the wake of the extreme weather that has hit many parts of Britain in the past few days.

With 92 flood alerts across England and Wales, car insurance provider esure is warning drivers that it is not just their homes that are at risk from flooding as flood damaged cars can easily be written off for health and safety reasons.

Following the floods of 2007, which according to esure resulted in £35million being paid out by car insurance providers, esure is now warning motorists of the destructive effects flood water can have on cars.

For instance, the car insurance provider claims that some damage like corrosion can “take months to show itself” before mechanical parts begin to fail.

Motorists are being warned not to leave their cars in potential flood zones while also being urged to avoid driving through flooded roads as this could prove costly.

Commenting, Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at esure car insurance, said: “Many motorists actually drive their cars into trouble by trying to cross water and misjudge its depth – when they should’ve just turned off the engine and waited for help.

“It sounds simplistic to say ‘don’t drive into water’ – but observing that warning could save drivers from the hassle and inconvenience of a flooded car that might have to be written off,” he added.

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