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Investment transparency important for ethical investors

09 September 2009 / by Rebecca Sargent

Investment transparency is more important now than before the credit crisis, a survey of Ethical Investment Association members has revealed.

According to the ‘Know what you own’ survey, 85 per cent of respondents said that the financial crisis has brought the need for transparency from investment providers to the forefront.

The Ethical Investment Association will be announcing the winners of its 2009 Transparency Awards at its Autumn Conference tomorrow, which celebrate the use of European SRI Transparency Guidelines, which help investment providers to show their commitment to transparency on green and ethical investment issues.

Commenting, Robin Keyte, chair of the Ethical Investment Association said: “Looking forward we believe that increased transparency to enable clients to ‘know what they own’ has an essential role to play in building demand for and confidence in highly skilled professional financial planners, enabling the financial planning profession to grow and develop.”

The survey of Ethical Investment Association member advisers also revealed that 82 per cent have found that their clients’ commitment to green and ethical investment has not waned as a result of the financial crisis, despite the fact that 85 per cent reported a change in the types of investment sought, with a focus on fixed income investments.

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