Ethical Pension

Ethical Investments for your Pension

With the development in the ethical investment sector over the last ten years, a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) can offer a number of options allowing you to create an ethical pension.


A SIPP allows access to a range of ethical pension funds. This includes managed ethical portfolios, so you can either choose your own funds to build your ethical pension.

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Ethical investment is often referred to as socially responsible investment (SRI) and a SIPP can allow you to create an ethical pension fund by investing in SRI funds that exclude certain activities for investment, such as companies linked to human rights abuses, or funds that invest in specific areas such as clean energy or water management.


Another term used is sustainable investment, relating to the specific targeting of areas like renewable energy or reversing the impact industry has on the environment. For more information on ethical fund options use our pension advice service.