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If you are running your own events firm, it is vital that you cover your back with a good events public liability insurance policy.

Public Liability Insurance (PL) covers you for any damages that a member of the public may be awarded as a result of injury or damage to them or their property caused by your business. It also covers legal fees and other expenses to do with defending any claim.

Public Liability Insurance

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Event Public Liability Insurance

If you are running an event where members of the public are going to attend, for example, a fair, festival, music concert, play or sporting event, you should think about getting event public liability insurance.

Event public liability insurance will cover claims from the public attending your event. Quotes will generally depend on the number of people and type of event. If you decide to you need more cover than just public liability, there are more comprehensive policies available:

  • Employers Liability: This will cover you, the organiser, against any claims from your employees – quotes will normally vary depending on the number of staff employed.
  • Cancellation and Abandonment: Covers you for loss of earnings if the even is cancelled or abandoned due to reasons beyond your control, for example, adverse weather conditions.
  • Venue Insurance: Covers any damage to the building/venue/arena used for the event. Again, quotes will depend on the type of event and type of property used.

If something does happen at your event, and someone makes a claim against you, it could cost you thousands – with event public liability insurance, you need not worry.

What sort of event liability insurance do I need?

Depending on the nature of your event, you may need more than the minimum level of cover, so it’s sensible to check your policy for every new event or contract.

Events include any or public function that requires the attendance of a large group of people.

An event could be as little as fifty guests at a wedding or as many as fifty thousand people at a music festival. The number of people attending an event increases the risk that an accident could happen. Public liability event insurance can give you cover for loss, damage or harm caused to a person or people attending. If your equipment or catering or some other functional part of your event fails, your public liability insurance can cover your financial losses and pay the expenses incurred.

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