Fair Mortgages New Launch

Fair Investment Company is proud to announce the launch of a new mortgage advice service aimed at those looking for expert independent advice from a team of highly qualified and experienced mortgage and protection specialists. The service, provided by Fair Mortgages, is based at our Clifton offices in Bristol and has been built with the simple aim of helping you make the right decision, whether you are a first time buyer, a busy professional looking to remortgage or an experienced property investor.


Challenges in the mortgage market

Most of us at some point in our lives require mortgage advice, and yet the recent changes to mortgage regulations have had a significant impact on how people find and apply for the right mortgage – you may have already seen coverage of this in the press. Perhaps the change which has had the greatest impact is the need to ensure that when selecting your mortgage lender, your situation sits well within their criteria and that you provide all of the necessary supporting information about your circumstances right from the start. Otherwise, your application might be delayed, or worst of all even rejected out of hand.

A simple vision

This means that getting good advice from the outset is more important than ever before – not just to make sure that you make it through the first application stage, but at every stage thereafter to ensure you have a smooth and timely path to completion.  In launching our independent mortgage advice service our vision is a simple one – to be the best independent mortgage broker in the UK, and that’s regardless of your situation and what you are looking to achieve.

This may be new territory for you, perhaps you are seeking a mortgage for your first home or your first remortgage, or perhaps you may be more experienced, raising capital to pay a deposit for your child’s first mortgage or managing an extensive Buy-to-Let portfolio. Whatever your experience, we’re confident that after speaking to one of our specialist team of independent mortgage advisers and using our service, you will know you’ve made the right choice.

A big decision, so get it right…

Your mortgage is probably the largest financial transaction that you will ever undertake, and you should feel 100% comfortable with your decision at every stage of the process. Getting professional, affordable and reliable advice to help you make the right choice can ensure this, and perhaps now more than ever before you should be wary of trying to navigate the mortgage market on your own.

We know there is a vast amount of information and choice available to you, and that the search for the right mortgage can often be very confusing. Being stuck with a mortgage that is not a good fit for you can have serious financial repercussions that you could be tied to for a number of years, and so our goal, as with our vision is a simple one – to help you make the right decision.

A history built on customer service

Since 2000, Fair Investment Company has strived to be a pioneer in financial services, using a combination of the latest technology and the values based traditions of quality customer service. With our depth of experience across financial services, customer service, attention to detail and seeking a fair deal for customers, Fair Investment was well placed to launch a mortgage advice service that aims to be the best in the market. So before rolling out our mortgage service, we needed to make sure every aspect was covered – and here are just some of the reasons which make Fair Mortgages stand out.

Specialist and independent advice

Fair Mortgages offers a personal and professional independent advice service which does not stop simply because your mortgage application has been completed. Understanding everything that you should consider in the advice process is critical and our mortgage and protection specialists bring years of knowledge and experience to help.

Access to over 5,000 mortgages

As an independent mortgage adviser, we have access to over 5,000 mortgage deals from over 70 UK lenders, including exclusive mortgage deals not available to everyone. Our systems utilise the latest research software to help you get the best deal for your circumstances and although there are a few lenders who you might only be able to deal with directly, we can still offer you advice and guidance on the pros and cons of this depending on your circumstances.

Access to additional services, carefully selected by us

These include valuations, conveyancing, general insurance and more, as we aim to take the hassle out of making sure you get access to quality and affordable products and services each step of the way. Because these have all been carefully selected by us, this means getting things done in a timely and efficient manner and since they are also accountable to us, this inevitably means higher service standards.

Contacting you when and how you want

We all lead busy lives, so making sure you are contacted quickly and in a way that is easiest for you plays an important role. We offer a combination of telephone, email, post and texts, delivered according to your needs, so that your mortgage is always the top priority, aiming for a smooth and successful outcome in all aspects of our mortgage service.

In safe hands, each step of the way

There can be a lot to manage in taking you through from your initial enquiry to the completion of your mortgage, especially in the current mortgage market and at Fair Mortgages we know how important each step of the mortgage process is. Knowing who to contact, what to ask, how and when can make all the difference in making sure you we deliver the best mortgage service possible – and one you will want to come back to again and again.

A team approach

This is why you will not only speak to the same adviser throughout the mortgage process, but you will also have a dedicated line of support, selected from our experienced administrator and adviser support team, each with their specialist knowledge of the all important aspects of your mortgage journey. Whether this is packaging your mortgage application so there are no delays, or speaking to the right person at the right time to ensure smooth and efficient processing, our attention to detail means every aspect of your mortgage journey is covered, giving you a complete mortgage service

A note from our Adam Arnott, our Head of Mortgages & Protection

“The essence of Fair Mortgages is professional, independent mortgage and protection advice, brought to you by a team of specialist advisers and experienced administration support. With the recent changes to the mortgage industry, in many respects long overdue, the message from the regulator and lenders to the UK public is loud and clear – seek professional advice. And so for dedicated and experienced mortgage professionals, this is an exciting time as the challenges in the mortgage market offer mortgage businesses with the best advisers and the best service to really stand out. As your mortgage is such an important transaction, having trust and confidence in your advice is imperative, which is why I am so excited by the service we offer. So bring your mortgage needs to Fair Mortgages, and we’ll give you the information and advice you need so that you can make the right decision for your future.”

Referral scheme for customers

Finally, we all know how important word of mouth can be. To this end, we’ll let our customers do the talking as we aim to offer the opportunity for feedback from all who use us as their trusted mortgage adviser, as well as the ability for Fair Mortgages customers to rate our service online. We don’t simply want to say we’re the best, we want our customers to say we‘re the best.

We are also going to reward those who tell their friends and family about our service by offering a rewards scheme for those who refer new clients. So why not forward our details to friends and family as well – we all know people in need of quality mortgage advice and with up to £100 on offer for each client referred who goes on to take use our mortgage service, what better time to start referring?

Take the first step towards making the right choice

To find out more about Fair Investment Company’s new mortgage advice service, visit www.fairmortgages.co.uk or to speak directly to a mortgage adviser, call us now on 0117 332 3389. You can also request a call back at a time convenient to you, or simply complete our mortgage advice form and we’ll get back to you.

 Whatever route you chose, we’re here to help…

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Written by Editorial Team ,
14th October 2014