Fish and Chip Shop Insurance

If you have a fish and chip shop, you cannot get away with a standard home and content insurance policy – you will need to get fish and chip shop insurance to protect yourself, your employees and your customers as well as your premises and its contents.

Fish and Chip Shop insurance should cover:

  • Contents: Cover for all contents and stock against a range of perils e.g. fire, storm, flood.
  • Business Interruption: Keeps you in business following  a claim.
  • Loss of accounts: Cover for money that is owed by customers, which cannot be collected because records have been lost or damaged by something beyond your control.
  • Loss of alcohol licence: Cover against loss of profit following  the loss of your licence from causes beyond your control.
  • Employer liability: Covers damages, legal costs and expenses if an employee is injured.
  • Public and Products: Cover against injury to the public and damage to their property.

See the table below for some of the latest business insurance deals and click on the links to find the right fish and chip shop insurance policy for you.

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