Flood Risk Home Insurance
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Choosing the right flood insurance policy is an important task for many homeowners, as the effect of a particularly severe flood can be financially devastating. Luckily however, there are a variety of insurance providers that offer valuable flood insurance advice and coverage. Although many insurers will often refuse to insure customers who they feel live in ‘high flood risk’ areas, there are still plenty of providers who will be able to provide appropriate flood insurance and advice on how to best protect your property.


Although flood insurance is in many instances supplied as part of a home insurance package from many providers, it may be necessary to obtain an entirely separate policy depending on your insurer and the location of your property. The easy to use product comparison table below will help you compare some of the best flood risk insurance deals available.


In order to minimise the cost of insurance premiums, companies will typically offer their customers flood insurance advice in the following areas:


  • Maintaining the roofing of the property to the highest standard possible in order to minimise internal damage in the event of a flood
  • Ensuring that all drains and pipes are properly maintained to lessen flood damage
  • Backing up and storing all important possessions and information that may be at risk in the event of a flood
  • It may also be advisable to obtain flood defence equipment in particularly high areas, usually supplied by the local council

If you are a new home owner and feel that you could be at risk, it is strongly recommended to consult with a specialist insurer who will be able to provide with important flood insurance advice as well as an insurance quote.