Flood Risk Home Insurance
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Throughout the UK, insurance providers have increasingly been forced to pay more and more attention to the increasing risks that are represented flood damage. In recent times, there are now a variety of flood insurance companies that specialise in providing homeowners with valuable financial protection in the event of a flood.


Although it is true that many companies provide flood insurance as part of a pre-packaged home insurance deal, it should be remembered that these policies may not be extended to customers in particularly high risk areas. The Environmental Agency has a map of what are considered to be areas prone to flooding on its website.


If you live in one of these areas it is best to look at some of the specialist flood insurance companies operating in the market. The comparison table below should serve as a good starting point for trying to find the right cover at an affordable price.


For home owners who own property in flood risk areas, it is recommended to seek the advice of specialist flood insurance companies in order to receive adequate protection. While it is true that protection from specialist flood insurance companies is often more experience, these policies are usually more comprehensive and are tailored to meet with the needs of each individual customer.


In the event of a flood, it is advisable for customers to take the following steps:


  • Although it may seem obvious, contact the flood insurance company as soon as possible to inform them of the damage. Insurers will not replace items that have been needlessly damaged, homeowners should therefore take steps to save any items that can easily be moved out of harms way
  • It may also be necessary to provide evidence of the damage by taking photographs, which may help with the claims process at a later date
  • After the flood has subsided, it is also recommended to hold onto any damaged items instead of throwing them away, so that evidence can be presented to the insurer

It should be remembered that as time has gone on, the risk of floods and other natural problems has become greater and greater. This has been reflected by recent premiums, as flood insurance companies have become hard pressed to provide their customers with comprehensive and affordable cover.