Flood Risk Home Insurance
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Flood insurance cover is a specialist type of insurance policy that is designed to compensate home owners in the event of flood damage. Although a variety of different insurance companies each offer flood insurance cover, it is important to shop around as much as possible in order to find the best flood insurance quote for your money.


Typically, flood insurance cover from a reputable company will include the following features in the event of a flood:


  • Alternative accommodation if the property is rendered uninhabitable
  • Contents cover for any items or personal property that may have been damaged
  • Buildings insurance for any external damage to the property


Whether you are looking for flood insurance cover as part of a package of home insurance or a stand alone policy, our product comparison tables should make your search a great deal easier.  In many instances, flood insurance cover may be included as part of many standard home insurance policies. In certain high risk areas however, many insurers will often refuse to cover the cost of flood damage. For this reason, it may necessary to consult with a specialist insurer in order to receive an appropriate flood insurance quote.


Although it is more expensive, insurance providers that specialise in flood insurance cover will usually provide several distinct advantages of their competitors. Flood insurance cover that is included as part of a broader home insurance package often contains fewer specific features than a stand alone policy. Specialist flood insurance cover will often contain several advantages that are intended to provide customers with more comprehensive protection. The following are some examples of these features:


  • A far more flexible policy that is designed to meet with the customers individual needs and circumstances
  • A 24 hour claim service intended to assist with customer claims
  • Accidental damage insurance