Flood Risk Home Insurance
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Flood insurance can cover your property and belongings from water damage caused by either extreme weather conditions or other circumstances where flooding occurs. Flood risk protection will usually come under your building and/or contents insurance policy.


You may find that your policy has flood risk exclusions if:

  • You live in an area that is a high risk from flooding
  • If your home has already suffered from flood damage
  • Your area of residence is prone to extreme weather conditions


It is important to read your buildings insurance policy carefully for any flood insurance exclusions that may occur and could be a potential concern. Every flood insurance provider is different however, so use our product comparison tables below to get an idea of what a few are offering before making your decision. Flooding to your home and possessions can be extremely devastating and is most likely to set you back a large sum of money. It can be very expensive to repair flood damages, so it is important that you are adequately covered. This is why it is important that you check for flood insurance exclusions.


There are many companies that provide flood insurance, but exclusions in a policy could mean that you are unable to purchase the cover you feel is most suited to your needs. Some insurance policies do not offer cover for flood damage and you will have to purchase it separately. Although in the UK, many places are not at risk from flooding it still cannot be predicted. If you would like to take out a flood insurance policy, there are many providers that could help you. Sourcing a few different quotes could help you to obtain a great deal, a task that our comparison tables are designed to help you with.