Flood Insurance for Renters

Flood Risk Home Insurance
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A large number of homes in the UK are at risk from flooding so it is important that you have the correct flood insurance if you rent a property.


If you are looking for flood insurance and you rent a property, you should be covered by your landlord’s building insurance policy. If you wish to insure your personal belongings from flood damage, you should think about purchasing a contents insurance policy. Your landlord is under no obligation to insure your own personal possessions, so you must acquire this yourself. If you are a renter and flood insurance is something you are considering, then you may want to think about searching for a few different quotes. This can help you to get an idea of what the best deals on the market are. Our comparison tables below will make this task a great deal easier.


An adequate insurance policy will cover your possessions from damage and repair and your landlord’s policy should cover the structure of the house, the fittings and fixtures. Some landlord insurance policies will also provide extra cover for accommodation costs in case the damage is so bad the whole house needs to be vacated in order to begin refurbishments. You may wish to check that your landlord is covered for this.


If your home is under threat from flooding then you may want to:


  • Contact your claims line as soon as you can
  • If your belongings are damaged by water, you should not dispose of then. Keep them as proof for when you make a claim
  • Make a list of what has been damaged


Whether you are looking for a specialist policy or one that is part of a more comprehensive home insurance package, finding flood insurance as a renter is as easy as looking at our comparison tables and clicking on the links.