Flood Insurance in Risk Zones

Many people in the UK live in places that are considered to be at risk from flooding, especially those who live near rivers and the sea. If you are one of many families or individuals who live in a risk zone, flood insurance is one way in which you can go about protecting your possessions.

In many ways flood insurance in high risk zones is similar to other home insurance policies except that it only protects you from very specific types of property loss, so always make sure you are aware of any exclusions contained within a policy.

On average 5 million residents in the UK live in flood risk areas, so you may wish to think about contacting your insurance provider if you feel you could benefit from the protection.

The comparison tables below will provide you with a simple way of surveying some of the best providers in the market quickly, and getting flood insurance quotes from the ones you like.

Flood Risk Home Insurance
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Your insurance company are likely to know whether or not you live in a flood risk zone, so insurance premiums maybe a little higher than usual. Unfortunately, you may not be able to avoid this as you are at greater risk from making a claim.

However, there are a few things you can do that may help you to avoid sky-rocketing premiums:


  • If you intend to buy or move to a property in flood risk zone speak to the previous owners about the insurance policy they had.
  • To protect doors and opening in your property, you can purchase a water defence system. This could prevent a lot of water damage from happening to your property.
  • Check with the local authority about any flood defence developments in that area. You may also wish to contact an environmental agency on any extra protection you can provide for your property.

Making improvements to your home will show insurers that you are averting the risk of water damage to your property and will be therefore less likely to make a claim. This should lower some of your premiums.