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There are around 5 million people in the UK who live in places known as flood plain areas. This means that face an increased flood risk and their buildings insurance premiums may be affected. Many of the leading insurers in the home insurance market will offer flood insurance quotes as part of a broader buildings insurance policy, while others offer more specific and tailored polices.


It is worth taking the time to look at a number of different policies to try and find a deal that is suited to your situation. The easy to use and free comparison table below features providers of building insurance with flood risk experience, and getting a quote is simple as clicking on the link.


It will be difficult for you to get buildings insurance if the flood risk to your house is very high such as if you live in a flood path. A number of government studies, most notably the work of the Foresight Future Flooding group, estimate that factors such as climate change will increase the damage caused by flooding in the future, so an awareness of the issues and options at hand could turn out to be very important.


While in most cases floods cannot be prevented, there are a number of practical steps that homeowners can take to lower the cost of their flood insurance premiums:


  • Moving service meters, boilers and electrical points to higher floors of the property
  • Installing one way valves to insure sewage does not back up into the property
  • Wooden floors covered with tiles can replace concrete floors
  • Chipboard can be replaced with plastic
  • Gypsum plaster can be replaced with materials that are more water resistant


While these measures will not make your premiums the same price as they would for those not living in areas with a high flood risk, building insurance providers are likely to look more favourably on a property that has made these, or similar, modifications. Another important thing to enquire about when looking at flood insurance quotes is whether or not the insurer will require a surveyor to assess the property.