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Oliver Roylance-Smith, Director

"Global growth funds will aim to deliver long-term capital growth by investing in a diverse range of equities that can give you the opportunity to spread the risk of your investment. If you have been looking for a growth fund that is not limited to UK markets, then a global growth fund could provide the investment diversification you require."


Oliver Roylance-Smith, Head of Savings and Investments

Compare Global Growth Funds

Global growth funds offer investors access to a portfolio of equities, bonds and other securities that would be harder to access if you were acting as a single investor. See below for a selection of global growth funds including funds that focus on Europe and North America.

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Fund ManagerFundFund Manager Initial Charge¹AMC³Select Fund°Fact SheetHow to Invest
Jupiter Merlin Worldwide Portfolio0%0.75%yesFactsheetApply Now >
To achieve long-term capital growth by investing predominantly in unit trusts, OEICs, Exchange Traded Funds and other collective investment schemes across several management groups. The underlying funds invest in international equities, fixed interest stocks, commodities and property. See latest fund factsheet for details.
Neptune Global Equity0%0.75%yesFactsheetApply Now >
The investment objective of Neptune Global Equity Fund is to generate capital growth from a concentrated portfolio of global securities, selected from across world equity markets, with a view to attaining top quartile performance within the appropriate peer group. This is an international fund but there will be no restriction in terms of regional allocation. See latest fund factsheet for details.
Aberdeen World Equity0%1.00%yesFactsheetApply Now >
The investment objective of Aberdeen World Equity Fund is to provide long term total return from an internationally diversified portfolio of equities. See latest fund factsheet for details.
M&G; Global Dividend0%0.75%yesFactsheetApply Now >
The Fund aims to deliver a dividend yield above the market average, by investing mainly in a range of global equities. The Fund aims to grow distributions over the long-term whilst also maximising total return (the combination of income and growth of capital). See latest fund factsheet for details.

³AMC is the Annual Management Charge applied by the Fund Manager.

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