Graduate Bank Account

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Graduate bank accounts are now offered by a number of banks and building societies to those who have graduated university in recent years. Requirements can vary between different organisations, with some graduate bank accounts requiring the customer to have held a student account with the same organisation.

Graduate bank accounts typically contain features such as interest free overdrafts and the potential for tie-in loans. Credit cards can also be included with some accounts, allowing new graduates to help establish a credit history.

ProviderAccount Set Up FeeFee per monthFeaturesApply
N/A£12.50No credit checks.** Prepaid MasterCard. No account opening fee. More Info >
£4.95£9.95No credit checks**. Prepaid MasterCard. Credit Building facility. More Info >
£4.95£9.95No credit checks.** Up to 20 free payments and standing orders a month. Prepaid MasterCard.More Info >

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