Millions of guitars and other musical instruments are stolen each year, so it is important to consider getting guitar insurance and thinking about what would happen if your guitar was stolen - would you be able to replace it? And if you use it to earn money, how would you cope without the income? Guitar insurance from Musicguard provides a wide scope of protection, such as:

  • New for old replacement
  • Cover against loss, theft or damage up to £250,000
  • Hire cover
  • No excess unless you want to reduce your premium
  • Personal accident and public liability

You can also choose optional extra cover such as breakdown in case your gear packs up, or 'in vehicle' for when you're on the road. Not all home insurance policies cover instruments, and even fewer cover them outside the home, so protect your most prized possession with guitar insurance. Musicguard guarantees to offer the cheapest deal or refund you double the difference if you find it cheaper within 28 days. Get a quote online and start protecting yourself with guitar insurance.

Guitar Insurance Quotes
ProviderMax CoverStandard ExcessWorldwide CoverAdditional BenefitsApply
£250,000£100yesAccidental damage, theft and loss. Loss of Earnings. Instrument & Equipment breakdown. Public liability insurance. New for old. Flexible cover. Hire of instruments and equipment available until yours are repaired or replaced.Get Quotes >