Halifax Business Current Accounts

Compare Halifax Business Current Account Deals

According to their company website at Halifax, new business current account customers are now being directed to the Bank of Scotland and Lloyds. These two organisations can offers customers a range of useful benefits and financial services that may be of interest to businesses of all different sizes. Here are examples of some of the benefits that are offered by this group: 

  • Free 18 months of business banking with access to Sage planning software.
  • Access to free financial guidance and support from business advisors.
  • (with Lloyds) Customers who switch their business current account may benefit from 6 months of free banking, with assistance from a dedicated switching team.
  • If for any reason a business current account deal with either of these two providers is not suitable, customers are advised to shop around as much as possible.

For a competitive deal on business current account, comparing several offers from multiple providers is often the best way to effectively research the market. For more information business current account comparisons, please see the table below:

Compare Business Current Account Deals
 AccountInterest (AER)Account ChargeCheque ChargeDebit CardFeaturesApply
n/a0.5% of cheque valueyesNo credit checks, pay in at Barclays branches and at the Post Office , pay bills using Faster Payments from your smart-phone, UK call centre.Call Now >

An ideal business current account should allow customers to easily access their money and provide them with several added benefits that may improve the day to day running of their business.


To this end, it is worth noting that in place of Halifax Business Current accounts, both of these providers offer services that are designed to help customers manage, finance and start businesses, regardless of what stage they may be at.