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Home insurance should cover bicycles
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Home insurance should cover bicycles

23 May 2010 / by Lois Avery

Home insurance policies with bicycle cover are expected to become more popular this summer, according to Halifax.

The predicted long hot summer could mean that more people are cycling rather than taking their cars to get from A to B.

And with rising fuel prices people are keen to economise by taking their bicycles but the increase in the use of push bikes has led to a rise in bicycle theft.

Halifax Home Insurance claims data shows that claims for bike theft rose by 65 per cent during the summer months last year and the top spots in the UK for bike theft at the moment are London, Manchester, Cardiff and Bristol.

Senior Claims Manager for Halifax Home Insurance, Martyn Foulds said: “We anticipate that this year bike theft may be on the up as high fuel prices mean people look for ways to economise, and warm sunny weather makes cycling a more appealing option.  Many bikes that are stolen are locked up, but often some types of locks such as cables can be cut and are therefore not enough of a deterrent.”

“It’s a good idea to take photographs of the bike, and keep any receipts to prove purchase of the bike itself and also any modifications that have been added, for example mudguards, lights and tyres.”

He also urged bike owners to keep receipts and take photographs of their bicycles in order to process a claim smoothly, if they should be unlucky enough to become the victim of theft.

And most home insurance policies, including the one offered by Halifax,  can provide cover for bicycles Customers can usually choose whether to cover bikes inside the home, outside the home only, or both inside and outside the home for complete protection.

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