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Whether it's jewellery, an extensive DVD collection, priceless heirlooms or expensive furniture, people take out home insurance for valuables in order to protect themselves if their belongings are lost, stolen or damaged.

Contents cover is the technical name for the type of home insurance that deals with valuables. Many insurance companies offer this as part of a combined policy with buildings insurance (cover for damage to the physical structure or permanent fixtures of the building), or it can be purchased on its own. See below to get specialist cover for high value items, or get quotes from across the market from one of the price comparison websites featured in our tables.

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There are two fundamental forms of home insurance for valuables:

  • New for old contents cover will mean that possessions that are stolen or damaged are replaced by brand new versions.
  • Indemnity policies are the cheaper option. The payout is less then the first option because both the age of the
  • Possessions and their relative wear and tear at the time of the theft or the damage is taken into account.

To make sure that you have the correct amount of cover for valuables in your home insurance policy, you should:

  • Go through every room in your house and add up the value of all your possessions
  • The amount of cover should be enough to replace them in their entirety
  • Remember to include items in the attic, garage or shed
  • Keep the list of insured items up to date with your home insurance company

Some policies will include an automatic rise in the amount of cover provided by the home insurance for valuables policy at Christmas time and other special occasions. It is important to compare and contrast different home insurance quotes so that you can be sure you have found a good deal.